'Black Menaces' Detail Plan To Take Over Predominantly White Institutions Across The Country

A group of Black students at Bringham Young University (BYU) called The Black Menaces wants to extend its reach to other primarily white institutions (PWIs). The group has gone viral on social media over members’ interviews with white students about race and other social issues.

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The group comprises Sebastian Stewart-Johnson, Nate Byrd, Kylee Shepherd, Kennethia Dorsey and Rachel Weaver.  It was founded at BYU, a private institution in Provo, Utah, affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), aka the Mormon Church.

A glance through the Black Menace TikTok page shows what the organization is all about: putting their white classmates on the spot and getting them to share their thoughts on race-related subjects.

“As Black students, we’ve felt the isolation and ‘ostracization,’ so we wanted to highlight everything that we go through in a way that millions could see it,” Stewart-Johnson said of the Black Menaces, NBC News reports.

“There’s a lot of prejudice and discrimination that goes on here that people don’t know about,” Byrd added, according to NBC News. “So, our goal is to let people know that, hey, that exists here, and this is something that needs to change.”

In addition to asking white students questions on Black history and race, group members also discuss issues like feminism, abortion and gay rights.

Black students from other institutions are also given a platform to share their experiences through the Black Menaces.

Now, the group is looking to expand its reach by ushering in many Black Menaces chapters at PWIs nationwide.

“We are officially announcing that we’re opening up Menace chapters to the whole country,” Sebastian Stewart-Johnson says in a TikTok uploaded late last week.

“We want a Menace chapter at every predominantly white institution and university in the country,” Kylee Shepherd adds.

Are you interested in becoming a Black Menace? If so, email BlackMenaceChapter@gmail.com