Black voters 'frustrated' by Trump debate comments

Some African American voters find it frustrating and exhausting that President Donald Trump did not condemn white supremacist groups and their role in violence in some US cities this summer. (Sept. 30)

Video Transcript


DONALD TRUMP: That's not an idea.

JOE BIDEN: Everybody in your administration--

DONALD TRUMP: Antifa is bad.

GWENDOLYN DESHIELDS: It's very sad. It's a circus. It was just like, oh, my goodness, because you know, you just got to weigh between the two. But last night was just like, change the channel. [LAUGHS]


DONALD TRUMP: What do you want to call them? Give me a name. Give me a name.

CHRIS WALLACE: White supremacists--

DONALD TRUMP: Go ahead. What would you like me to condemn?

CHRIS WALLACE: And white Proud Boys.


CHRIS WALLACE: --and white Proud Boys.

DONALD TRUMP: Proud Boys. Stand back and stand by. But I'll tell you what--

ELIHU WILSON: His choice of words, like I said-- his choice of words were very peculiar, strange. Stand by-- I don't-- you know, Trump supporters might say, he just made a mistake, he just worded something wrong. Some people might be like, that's what he really believes, you know, that-- that some people that's on his side. You know, so just that-- that hold back, though, It didn't make too much sense, really.

CHRIS WALLACE: And will you pledge tonight that you will not declare victory until the election has been independently certified? President Trump, you go first.

DONALD TRUMP: I'm urging my supporters to go into the polls and watch very carefully.

CORY DESHIELDS: He definitely beats around the bush. He doesn't really answer any questions directly, which is frustrating, because It's like if you ask a yes or no question, you won't get either one.


CORY DESHIELDS: You get an explanation for whatever answer you feel like is right on racism and white supremacy and things like that. He hasn't really given his stand on what he believes and what he thinks is right.

And I think that's messed up. You know, I think we should know his or her stand. We should know, you know, their mindset towards things that matter to us. If they're gonna lead us as a country, then we need to know who we're following.


CORY DESHIELDS: And right now, he's giving us, you know, an example of someone that I don't think anyone really wants to follow.

GWENDOLYN DESHIELDS: It's becoming exhausting. It's kind of like, you know, when are they-- when is peace gonna come, and when are we gonna, like, have someone in that position to, like, just start showing peace and calm and, you know, stop the tension? It's just-- it's getting out of hand, and just to see this, it kind of brings you that calm. Like, you know, it still can happen, as long as we just keep our-- our feet on the pedal, don't let up.