Black Woman Fatally Shot By White Woman After Experiencing Mental Health Crisis

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Ballstädt trial in Erfurt
Ballstädt trial in Erfurt

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Eyebrows are being raised this week after Christine Fesus, a white woman, shot and killed a homeless Black woman in the parking lot of a Food Town grocery store near Houston, Texas.

The victim, 36-year-old Deandra Citizen was reportedly having a mental health crisis minutes before Fesus pulled the trigger. The fatal exchange occurred on July 25, shortly before midnight in the northern suburbs about 18 miles north of Houston, Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said.

Fesus initially told authorities she was attacked and aggressively approached by Citizen while walking her dog. The 34-year-old immediately opened fire citing self-defense, but surveillance cameras nearby the scene of the crime revealed a different story.

Investigators later discovered that Fesus approached Citizen while walking her dogs and opened fire shortly after she spotted the innocent victim talking to herself. A bystander tried to help resuscitate Citizen but medical officials pronounced her dead upon arriving at the scene. A person who claimed to be the boyfriend of Citizen revealed she was experiencing a mental health breakdown prior to the shooting. However, Fesus alleged that the displaced woman “came” at her before saying “There is one of those diseased white people,” Atlanta Black Star noted.

According to court documents, Fesus went home directly after the incident where she attempted to conceal the firearm and changed her clothes. She then reported the shooting to authorities but was later charged and arrested in connection to the fatal shooting.

Fesus was released on a $75,000 bond on July 27. Her public defender was able to oppose the prosecutor’s request to have the judge require a curfew and house arrest as conditions of her bond.

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