A Black woman in Michigan was issued a $385 ticket after her new neighbor called the police on her for loudly talking on a cellphone

diamond robinson
An officer placing a ticket in Diamond Robinson's mailbox in a screengrab from her Facebook Live video. Diamond Robinson/ Facebook Live

The police in Michigan issued a woman a $385 ticket for talking too loud on the phone in her neighborhood on Thursday, according to local reports.

Diamond Robinson was walking down her street in Eastpointe when her neighbor asked her to "get off your phone or talk lower," Robinson told Fox 2 Detroit.

Robinson said she told the neighbor to "get out of my face" and continued walking. But the police arrived minutes later.

Robinson recorded the encounter on Facebook Live.

"I'm not doing anything. I'm on the phone walking up and down the block that I pay taxes on. I'm confused," Robinson could be heard saying in the video, which has over 30,000 views.

An officer said he was writing her a ticket for "being a public nuisance."

"No, I'm not accepting that," Robinson responded.

The video showed the officer placing a ticket in her mailbox.

"I get a ticket for being a public nuisance because I'm talking too loud on my phone?" Robinson said.

Robinson, who's Black, told Fox 2 Detroit that she believed race was a factor; the report said the person who had called the police was a white woman new to the neighborhood.

Robinson said she would fight the ticket in court. She also told the outlet she was installing surveillance cameras outside her home.

In a news release on Friday, the Eastpointe Police Department said officers arrived in the neighborhood after receiving a noise complaint. The police said they told Robinson why they were called but "she refused to participate in the investigation."

"Based on Ms. Robinson's responses, the officers believed that the disorderly behavior would continue when they left," the police said. "The officers opted to use the least intrusive resolution for the situation by issuing a civil infraction citation rather than misdemeanor violations and/or arrest."

The police did not identify the caller. In her video, Robinson referred to her neighbor as "Rebecca."

Fox 2 Detroit didn't identify the neighbor, but she told the outlet only that the ticket "speaks for itself."

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