Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman resigns after sexual assault investigation results released.

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Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman resigned yesterday after an investigation into the team's handling of a 2010 sexual misconduct case was released.

  • The independent investigation found the organization did not act appropriately when a player came forward with a sexual misconduct allegation against one of its coaches.

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Backstory: A former Blackhawk player (anonymously referred to as John Doe) filed a lawsuit against the team in May 2021. He alleged that he was coerced into non-consensual sexual acts by video coach Brad Aldrich during the 2010 Stanley Cup playoffs.

  • When the allegation was brought to the team's executives at the time, they responded that they "did not want any negative publicity during the Stanley Cup Finals."

  • According to the investigation, the Hawks didn't act on the allegation for three weeks.

The latest: Blackhawks CEO Danny Wirtz Hawks met with reporters yesterday and said, “We deeply regret the harm caused to John Doe and the other individuals who were affected and our failures to address these allegations."

  • The NHL has fined the Hawks $2 million for "the organization's inadequate internal procedures and insufficient and untimely response in the handling of matters related to former video coach Brad Aldrich's employment with the Club and ultimate departure in 2010."

Between the lines: As General Manager, Stan Bowman was at the helm of all three of the Blackhawks Stanley Cup championships in 2010, 2013, and 2015.

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