Blackmon looking like old self after slow start

Chris Crawford discusses how Charlie Blackmon has looked this season, including his resurgence at the plate as of late, highlighting how the good times should continue even if he gets moved at the trade deadline.

Video Transcript

- Charlie Blackmon is no longer the potential first round selection in redraft leagues he once was, and it's fair to say at the age of 36 that he never will be again. Over the last couple of weeks however, Blackmon has offered a reminder that he's not done just yet. In fact, over the last 30 days, Blackmon is slashing an impressive 3.37, 3.76, 5.70, with four homers and 10 extra base hits. That brings his season OPS to a respectable .807 with 15 homers, and a player that looked like he was fading to obscurity now it looks like there's a little more to give.

Now the difference between this version and the version we saw a few years ago, that he's no longer as a running threat. A player that stole 43 bases in 2016 has stolen a combined 9 over the last four campaigns, but he is well above average in expected on base average, expected batting average, and expected slugging percentage, while also being in the 74th percentile in whiff percentage. Coors Field obviously helps, but Blackmon can still hit, and he should still be fantasy relevant even if he was dealt to a contender before the deadline.