The 6 Blake Lively–inspired kitchen essentials we're shopping to celebrate her 32nd birthday

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Blake Lively is known to be a great chef, so we trust her judgment. (Photo: FilmMagic)

There are few things we know for a fact about Blake Lively: 1. She has great style. 2. She’s starred in tons of great films. 3. She’s married to Ryan Reynolds. 4. Her kitchen skills are serious.

While the first three things are no-brainers, her cooking and baking skills are lesser known (though a few minutes of stalking her Instagram makes it clear).

The actress has gone on record a number of times to discuss her passion in the kitchen, telling Vogue, “Food to me is love. When the whole family comes together, my mom makes a big meal, usually a family dish that was passed down.” She even had her own website devoted to lifestyle and cooking, called Preserve.

Though her site is no more, Blake still posts photos of her baking adventures every so often, and we’ve discovered that a number of her posts are specifically related to baking (to cupcakes, in particular.)

To honor the now-32-year-old on her birthday, we put together a list of the six essential baking and cooking items we’ve spotted Blake using. And, no. They aren’t all sheet pans and trays.

Cookie Cutters

A necessity in every kitchen, it didn’t shock us to see Blake using cookie cutters. However, we were impressed to get a taste of what all she uses the shapes for. In this post it’s safe to guess that she repeatedly cut out delicate, classy leaves from dough to top a yummy looking pie.

While tons of homes are sure to have cut-outs big enough to create a large cookie with, the dainty and small cut-outs Blake used have a whole host of opportunity.

Not only can you decorate a pie like an absolute pro, but you can also use the small tools to create fun breakfasts like miniature pancakes, or amp up the snack routine by cutting your cheeses and deli meats into small shapes that are perfectly sized to fit onto crackers.

Shapes like leaves and flowers a la Blake can up your dessert decorating game by adding a layer of class and art.

Williams Sonoma Pie Crust Cutters

Williams Sonoma Pie Crust Cutters. (Photo: Williams Sonoma)

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Icing bags

Nothing takes cookies, cakes and other desserts to the next level like using icing bags. The simple-yet-important baking accessory controls how much icing you put on, while adding some precision to the process.

A lover of cookies and cupcakes alike, Blake uses the bags to write messages, outline desserts or add designs.

It’s important to note that the icing bag is only as good as the accompanying tip. A decorating session gone wrong can usually be avoided if you use a precise topper. Packages that come with icing bags and a plethora of tips is the best to buy. Hint: test out the tips on a paper towel first to ensure you’re using one that works with your creative vision.

You can skip wasting plastic by finding reusable bags that are as good as new after a wash cycle.

Kootek 32-Piece Cake Decorating Kit

Kootek 32-Piece Cake Decorating Kit. (Photo: Amazon)

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Sleek cutting boards that double as serving platters

Ever the visionary, Blake taught us the importance of finding things that can be reused in more way than one. Instead of looking for just a cutting board, look for a wooden board that can play cutting board, focal piece or serving platter — all at once.

These pieces are perfect to collect and use on holidays, especially if they’re similar shades of wood.

If you have never thought about how what you cut on can also be a cheese platter, it’s time to revamp your thinking and look to the value of the cutting board.

Pioneer Woman Cowboy Acacia Wood Cutting Board

Pioneer Woman Cowboy Acacia Wood Cutting Board. (Photo: Walmart)

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Cutlery with meaning

The adorable spoon (and hilarious caption) caught our eye while scrolling through Blake’s page. The subtle touch of meaning can add a ton of love to your kitchen and dining experiences.

There are tons of way to add this subtle touch of love: Find items like spoon holders, coasters or dish towels that have monogrammed options, or come all ready with messages you can relate to.

Or, follow Blake’s path and find sparkling silver spoons that will mean more to you than the average cutlery.

Mud Pie Wedding Serving Set

Mud Pie Wedding Serving Set. (Photo: Amazon)

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Denim apron

You don’t have to cook like a professional chef to enjoy time in the kitchen, and you don’t have to dress like one, either.

Blake protects her clothes from any flying foods with a fashionable apron. A denim-inspired apron can add some style and flare to your kitchen look. Who says feeling good and looking good won’t help you cook well? In our eyes, an added layer of confidence can help with anything.

Chef Works Striped Portland Apron

Chef Works Striped Portland Apron. (Photo: Bed Bath and Beyond)

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Oversized serving dishes

Layering food onto the same dish creates a professional-looking presentation. Combining different flavors like salty and sweet on the same dish can blend flavors prior to eating.

Also, as you can tell in Blake’s photo, the more colorful foods paired together, the better.

Not only can large serving dishes fit family sized portions, they can actually save space on your table. Instead of dozens of small bowls and plates, a few larger ones will make it easier to navigate the spread. Also, fewer serving dishes make it easier for those at the table to pass plates around.

The easier the serving stage, the quicker you can all eat and enjoy the masterpiece.

Noritake Colorwave 16-Inch Oval Platter

Noritake Colorwave 16-Inch Oval Platter. (Photo: Bed Bath and Beyond)

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