De Blasio cursed out at NYC Columbus Day parade: 'F*** you, you piece of s***'

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New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio faced a negative reception from New Yorkers at the Columbus Day parade on Monday.

Several crowd members yelled obscenities at the mayor as he walked down Manhattan's Fifth Avenue in the parade.

“F*** you, you piece of s***,” a man yelled at De Blasio, followed by clapping from the crowd, according to a report.

“F*** you, De Blasio. You piece of garbage ... Get out of here, you piece of s***. You’re garbage," another crowd member shouted.

“I love my New York people. I love my blue. I’m tired of the crime. I’m tired of him dividing people,” resident Suzan Miller told the New York Post. “He can go to goddamn hell.”

“Yeah, for the FDNY — boo for you," another shouted.

New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan defended De Blasio, calling him a "gentlemen."

“All I can say is this: He and I have gotten along well. We talk candidly and disagree on stuff, but he’s been a gentleman. We’ve worked together. Have there been controversies? Sure,” Dolan said. “In general, I’m grateful, very grateful, that we got along so well.”

Republican mayoral candidate and Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa predicted De Blasio would face a harsh reception from Italian Americans at the parade.

“I’m looking forward to Bill de Blasio being booed,” Sliwa said. “He got elected saying he was 100% Italian, now watch the Italians boo him!”

De Blasio said before the parade that he was proud of his Italian heritage and that Columbus Day could be celebrated alongside Indigenous People's Day.

“Italian Americans, tens of millions of Italians Americans, came to this country, made this country a better place. You’ve got to honor the Italian American people. That’s what the day should be about,” the mayor said in a statement. “It doesn’t have to be a contradiction. Let’s love and respect Italian American heritage. I’m very, very proud of it. Let’s also acknowledge the history of Native Americans and support them.”

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