De Blasio: Mass vaccination sites add to disparity

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said the state's mass vaccination sites add to the disparity in getting communities of color vaccinated. De Blasio said grassroots sites in communities of color are in need of an "oversupply" of the vaccine. (March 3)

Video Transcript

BILL DE BLASIO: It's not just vaccine eligibility, it's the approach to vaccine distribution. The state, the governor have continually preferred these mega sites over community-based sites. I've said clearly that is exacerbating the disparity problem.

I'm fine with any effort that helps vaccinate everyone in the tri-state area, but I want to be honest about what's happening here. The state has not made the kind of focus on addressing disparity we need to. The way to do that is to over supply grassroot sites in communities of color and to give New York City its fair share.

If we're going to be-- if we're going to be vaccinating folks from outside the city on top of all the people in the city, we need a hell of a lot more of the share of the vaccine. The more local control is restored, the more we can create equity. I think that's the bottom line.