De Blasio: Vaccine delays worsen virus situation

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said Wednesday that the city has had to cancel 23,000 appointments to receive the first dose of vaccine this week because of a lack of supply. (Jan. 20)

Video Transcript

BILL DE BLASIO: The Moderna vaccine, those deliveries have been delayed. So we already were feeling the stress of a shortage of vaccine. Now the situation has been made even worse.

This week, we've had to tell 23,000 New Yorkers who had an appointment this week that they will not be able to get that appointment for lack of supply. If we had the freedom to vaccinate, if we had those second doses free up, we could reach those 23,000 New Yorkers.

This week my concern right now is the folks who are expecting to go in today, tomorrow, and get their shot, and now can't. This is why I think we need to really free up the second doses on hand now. To serve the folks who are waiting right this moment, just to get some protection.

My frustration is a lot of vaccine 65,000 doses sitting in a refrigerator on an artificial reserve when we need them right now. That's what I'm trying to solve for. And again, with the help of the federal government and the state government, we can do that.