All About Blind-Baking Pie Crust

If you're new to pie making, you may beunfamiliar with the term "blind baking.".Simply put, blind baking means cooking thepie crust, or shell, by itself, without any filling.Recipes call for blind baking theshell either partially or completelythrough, depending on the filling.Begin by rolling out your roundof pie dough, then fit it into thepie plate and trim the excess.Most recipes call for dockingthe dough, which just means to poke the bottom with a fork.Next, you'll place a piece of parchmentpaper on top of the dough, top itwith pie weights, and bake.Commercial pie weights, madeof ceramic or metal, are worthbuying if you bake frequently.But in a pinch, you can weight a pie shellwith dried, uncooked beans or rice