'Bliss' exclusive clip: 'You're real'

Greg (Owen Wilson) and Isabel (Salma Hayek) meet for the first time in a bar.

Video Transcript





ISABEL: You're real.

GREG: Sorry?

ISABEL: You know you're real, right?

GREG: I was just waiting for-- I'm sorry, do I know you?

ISABEL: You deflected my powers.

GREG: I'm sorry?

ISABEL: Stop apologizing.

GREG: I'm not apologizing. I don't hear you. I can't understand what you're saying.



ISABEL: I don't recognize you.

GREG: I-- I-- I don't know you.

ISABEL: It's always blurry at first. I'm Isabel. Come sit with me.

GREG: I'm-- I'm fine. I'm just going to have my drink, thank you.

ISABEL: You need an alibi, don't you?