BLK Dating App Offering $250 Prize For Dates At Black-Owned Businesses

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Dating app BLK has announced its nationwide “Break The Bank” initiative in honor of Black Business Month. With the campaign, the platform aims to tackle the negative impact of inflation on Black communities, while promoting financial literacy and wellbeing.

According to a press release, a recent survey of over 20,000 BLK users found that 69% of Black singles agree the recent increase in the cost of living is hurting their dating & social lives. 66% of respondents claim they are taking more time to get to know someone online before going on a first date. Additionally, 50% of Black singles stated that they cannot afford to finance dates and other activities due to inflation.

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BLK hopes to lessen these percentages with “Break The Bank” while supporting Black-owned businesses.

BLK partnered with The Gathering Spot, a Black-owned networking collective, to provide up to 40 BLK users each with a $250 gift card ($10,000 total) to fund dates and social outings at Black-owned businesses in their community.

Vic Mensa 93 Boyz brand photo
Vic Mensa 93 Boyz brand photo

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“According to our recent survey, inflation is truly taking a toll on Black singles and Black businesses. At BLK, we understand that Black singles are craving true connection, especially during these tough economic times,” explained Jonathan Kirkland, head of brand and marketing for BLK, in a provided statement.

“Our ‘Break the Bank’ initiative will not only allow us to bring people together to build meaningful connections, but it also gives us an opportunity to support Black-owned businesses in our community. It’s truly [a] win-win situation.

Applicants are encouraged to be creative with their entries. Winning the money for the affair requires an original video showcasing the need for funds well as mapping out their data plans. The winners will be selected by a judging panel based on creativity, humor, and exemplification of BLK values as a space where Black love in all its forms and expressions can happen every day.

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