Blocking traffic as a human bollard

Why some residents in Oxford have taken traffic congestion into their own hands.

Video Transcript

- What are you gonna do run us over?

- No, Im not gonna move.


- Put a place to feed. Can you leave?

- Oh, no.


- You can not go down behind you.

SUSHILA DHALL: We don't engage in any aggro with the drivers because we're bollards and bollards don't say anything.

JUSTIN ROWLATT: So this road is supposed to be blocked between 7:30 in the morning and 6:30 in the evening. But the bollards aren't working and nor are the number plate recognition cameras so drivers know they can come through without being fined.

- I'm not like normal vehicles. You didn't know that?

- Oh, I can see

- What, your speechless now? Yeah, So I'll be reversing down here in a second. Thank you.


- I paid taxes for the council to go through here. So yes, I'm an authorized vehicle same as county council mate the same as buses, I can go for the cameras.


- But we will find out.

- You'll see a lot--


PROF. RACHEL ALDRED: So what we're trying to do is to rebalance our streets. To make them friendlier for pedestrians to encourage people to be able to walk more short trips. And that actually helps free up space for people who need to drive, for people who are carrying heavy loads.

JUSTIN ROWLATT: But Rachel freeing up space for pedestrians means taking space away from motorists, doesn't it?

PROF. RACHEL ALDRED: It means, that very often, they're the same person, very often there is a person who is driving to the local shop, who could walk to the local shop, not always.

SUE SANDERS: So, this low traffic neighborhood came completely out of the blue and it's made our lives impossible.


- Everywhere I've been going I've been blocked to try and get down here.

- It's bloody ridiculous.

SUE SANDERS: I see it is undermining democracy. There's not been a proper consultation. We see the LTN as a fait accompli, as something imposed upon us. And I actually genuinely see it as alienating people from the green agenda, it's actually undermining the green agenda.

- Oh, you guys. You know, this is illegal for you to go through.

- No, it's not me.

- It is.