Annoyed Wife Turns In Husband to Police for 'Getting on My Nerves'

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A woman who turned in her husband to Wisconsin police on outstanding warrant said she did it because he was getting on her nerves.

Adrienne Bolds, 55, told Wednesday night that her husband's friends called her around 1:30 a.m. Monday to ask her to pick him up from their house. When she arrived, she said she found her husband drunk and belligerent. She had to be at work at 5 a.m.

"I've always just went and got him and just ignored him," she said, speaking of similar calls she's had in the past to pick up her husband, Johnnie Bolds.

This time things were a little different.

She picked him up, drove him to the La Crosse Police Department and turned him in, even though she knew he would likely be held on the warrant.

"He was getting on my nerves really bad. I was already nervous and shaky about going over there" to pick him up, she said, adding that it was safer for him to be off the street and she wanted him to get help.

Her husband was held on a warrant from a felony drunken driving conviction, the La Crosse Tribune reported. County jail records online indicated no bond was set.

Adrienne Bolds added that her husband's situation was taking its toll on her.

"It's the kind of relationship, no matter how many times I pick him up, he keeps falling down," she said. "And all I'm doing is I keep picking him up, but he just can't see to stand up on his own."

The Bolds have been married since 1995. They don't have children together, but they and their children from other relationships are a close-knit family, she said.

Bolds said her husband wasn't a bad person, but that he had serious medical problems and had trouble finding a job because of that.

Despite their trouble, she said, they get along well.

"We love each other," she said, adding that even though their relationship isn't like it used to be, "he's still my husband and I'm still his wife, and so I'll go and get him."

The Tribune also reported that Adrienne Bolds received a warning for a blown headlight when she turned in her husband.

He wasn't angry when she heard from him on Wednesday evening, she said.

"He called me about an hour or so ago … asked me when I was coming to see him," she said, adding that she would definitely visit him in jail.