How to Celebrate New Year's Eve Like a Star

Many have big aspirations for 2013, brushing off those dumbbells, cleaning out the closet and making promises to be a better person in the yew year.

But as for New Year's Eve, people just want one last reason to celebrate, and "Good Morning America" has tracked down two of the hottest trends to help you ring in the New Year just like the stars, equipped with your own personal makeup artist and entourage following you around to make you feel famous.

After all, New Year's Eve isn't the night for your same old beauty routine. That's where makeup bars, the hottest trend since the smoky eye, come in handy.

"It's actually like having your own personal makeup artist at your own vanity," Allison Conrad, president of Blushington Makeup and Beauty Lounge, told ABC News.

There's no pressure to buy expensive products here, no need to even make an appointment. It's all about red carpet-worthy makeup applied in under an hour by a professional makeup artist.

A lot of women may wonder why they'd pay to have someone else apply their makeup when they could just do it themselves at home for free.

"It's really a skill that makeup artists have that us normal people do not possess," Conrad said.

Makeup bars are popping up around the country, from Blushington in Los Angeles, to BlushBaby in Atlanta.

But it's not just about the New Year's glitz. These makeup bars offer the full treatment, from eyelash extensions to air-brushed foundation. And with a price tag of about $40 you can go out feeling like you have Jennifer Lopez's golden glow and Kim Kardashian's lush lashes.

But the party doesn't stop there.

Adam Swart is the founder of Crowds on Demand, what he calls a "rent a crowd service."

"Once you have 10, 15 people with cameras, everyone else is going to crowd around," said Swart.

Some tourists are willing to pay $8,999 for a crowd to follow them shopping, or for $4,999 you could get a paparazzi posse and fake fans to meet you at the airport. But if you're working on a tighter budget, for a mere $2,999 you can hire a crowd to follow you on a date.

"We give everybody the ability to live like an A-Lister," Swart explained.

Some up and coming celebrities actually use this bizarre service for career advancement.

"I'd guess you could say B-List celebrities who want a lot of attention when they're going mainly in Beverly Hills or Hollywood," said Swart.

Just imagine having your very own entourage paid to flatter you and laugh at all your jokes. Even if you're no up and coming celebrity, you sure can pay to feel like one on New Year's Eve.