Ducklings Reunited by White House Security Guards

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It turns out there is a way to make it past the high-security gates and onto the White House's front lawn.  You just have to waddle and quack your way through.

That was the lesson learned from a mother duck and her ducklings who made a surprise visit to the White House Wednesday.

Video from outside the White House shows the duck and her eight little ones mulling outside a White House entrance when the mother duck hops up and squeezes in between the gates and onto the White House grounds.  Her ducklings, not yet strong enough to jump over the gate's concrete barrier, befell the same fate as so many human guests to the White House and were left stranded on the outside.

These tiny creatures, however, were able to do something most visitors cannot, melt the hearts of the usually stoned-faced Secret Service agents.

Uniformed guards watching the entrance brought  a ramp over for the ducklings to walk up and even picked up by hand the ones who still could not make it.  As each duckling made it through, the guards got a round of applause from the assembled visitors.

The video was captured by "Covert Affairs" star Christopher Gorham, who was also stuck outside the gates and posted the heartwarming reunion in his  WhoSay video post, along with the caption "Aw factor of 10!"

White House security guards confirmed to ABC News  today that the ducks are still on the White House grounds but have moved over to the North Lawn fountain, a likely place for ducks to land.