Joshua Thompson Sues Michigan AMC Movie Theater Over High Price of Concession Snacks

A Livonia, Mich., man has filed a class action lawsuit against his local AMC movie theater, alleging the establishment grossly overcharges for its snacks and seeking a refund for customers.

Joshua Thompson filed the suit in Wayne County Circuit Court because he "got tired of being taken advantage of," his lawyer, Kerry Morgan of Wyandotte, told the Detroit Free Press. "It's hard to justify prices that are three and four times higher than anywhere else."

In the suit, he claims he used to take his own snacks into the theater until the theater banned the practice. The suit states that Thompson paid $8 for a soda and packet of Goobers at the theater the day after Christmas, but that he paid less than $3 for those products at a restaurant and drug store that were nearby, the Free Press reported.

Thompson's suit accuses the theater chain - American Multi Cinema - of contravening the Michigan Consumer Protection Act by overcharging for concession. In addition to the refund, it seeks a penalty against AMC and any other relief from the court.

Legal experts don't think Thompson will be successful.

Of every dollar spent at movie theater concessions, 85 percent is profit, according to a SmartMoney report.

AMC didn't respond to ABC News' request for comment.