A Style Blog for Tots: Has Fashion Gone Too Far?

Lauren Torrisi
ABC News
A Style Blog for Tots: Has Fashion Gone Too Far? (ABC News)

Fashion blogging has gone from the streets to the cribs, thanks to fashion designer Jenni Kayne and celeb-stylist Estee Stanley.

Best friends and mothers, Kayne and Stanley created the Ladys & Gents kids' fashion blog in December as a way to display fun looks their children and other children wore.

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"Estee and I love shopping for our little ones and dressing them in cute outfits. We found ourselves sending one another pictures of the kids and what they were wearing," Kayne said in a statement.

The purpose of the blog is to bring joy to moms everywhere.

"We decided it would be really fun to create a blog - something for us moms to appreciate now and hopefully inspire other moms when it comes to kids' fashion," said Kayne.

Ladys and Gents isn't the first kid's fashion blog, other blogs like The Tiny Times and Petit Vogue are increasing in popularity.

The clothing on Ladys & Gents isn't particularly over-the-top expensive, unlike those seen on mini-celebs like Suri Cruise, who's been spotted wearing $300 shoes and carrying an $800 Salvatore Ferragamo bag.

Anyone can submit photos of her child along with a list of brands they're wearing. The clothing showcased includes mass brands like Target all the way up to high-end looks from Stella McCartney.

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Dr. Alan Kazdin, professor of psychology at Yale University, brings up the point that women are featured predominantly in fashion blogs over men, and the same is true for Ladys & Gents.

"Yes, there's a deep concern here. Any woman should be concerned about this because it's not another job passed for woman, it's not a way to get to the top, this is all about you and your body," said Kazdin. "I would rather see the same thing, those same pictures with those girls standing by calculators."

Not surprisingly, those in the fashion world are less critical, contending that fashion and fashion blogging are a form of creativity and self-expression. Designers look to street style, now captured by bloggers like the Sartorlialist's Scott Schuman, for inspiration for a new line.

Kayne's other blog, Rip + Tan, also includes kid fashion. Rip + Tan chronicles the designer's musings, including her love of Stella McCartney rain gear, Hunter boots and cute winter weather looks for a family ski trip.

This isn't the first time stylish tots have taken the internet by storm. Celeb stylist June Ambrose also brought her daughter, Summer Chamblin, to the fashion week tents. Chamblin has an Instagram account and chronicles her favorite outfits and inspiration.

Designer Alexander Wang's niece, Aila Wang, stole the show at New York Fashion Week in September, when she showed up at his show in a custom-made dress, Nike shoes and a Chanel bag.

Do you think kids fashion blogs are fun - or have they gone too far? Weigh your thoughts in the comments section.