Introducing New Opportunities With Yahoo! Stream Ads

We are constantly exploring ways to make content discovery seamless and effective for consumers, while at the same time integrating ads that deliver value and impact for brands. At the Digital Content NewFronts, we debuted our Yahoo! Stream Ads, a native ad format that matches the content and context of the page, which is paving the way for more engaging experiences on Yahoo!. Today, we are extending Yahoo! Stream Ads and offering advertisers even more ways to connect with Yahoo! users.

With the refreshed Yahoo! Sports, Yahoo! Movies, Yahoo! Music, Yahoo! TV, Yahoo! omg! and Yahoo! Games launching today, Yahoo! Stream Ads will now appear across these sites to complement the new content stream format. This is an exciting step forward as we continue to launch more personalized, immersive advertising opportunities that are consistent across Yahoo!, as well as across desktop, tablet and mobile. The Billboard ad format, which offers fun and entertaining interactions like watching movie trailers or purchasing tickets within the ad, will also be available across the redesigned sites. Read more about our redesigned, more personal Yahoo! sites here.

We are also introducing Yahoo! Stream Ads for Yahoo! Mail on desktop and on the Mail app for Android. In order to make the ad experience seamless on Mail, Yahoo! Stream Ads will appear at the top of users’ inboxes and will be identified as Sponsored content. Brands can easily leverage native advertising and massive scale to meet their marketing goals.

At Yahoo!, we believe that advertising can and should be as entertaining as the surrounding media content itself. Stay tuned for more in the coming months as we continue to focus on advertising formats that complement our products and content, all while enhancing the user experience.

Update 9/29/13: Stream Ads sign up is now available! Go to for a new fast, easy and affordable way to advertise on Yahoo.

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