New Video: Here’s Why 29% of the U.S. Search Market Use the Yahoo! Bing Network

The Team
Yahoo! Advertising Solutions

152 million Americans use the Yahoo! Bing network each month, and 45 million use it exclusively

Why is search so important to brand marketing campaigns? Because 63% of online Americans use search engines every day, and nearly 1/3 of them use the Yahoo! Bing Network.

This new video shows why so many searchers choose the Yahoo! Bing Network, highlighting its exclusive audience, innovative search formats, and ace account team. Here are some excerpts:

  •  Yahoo! Bing users conduct 5 billion searches a month---29% of the U.S. search market
  • That equals 152 million people in the U.S.---and 45 million are unique to Yahoo! Bing
  • They spend 22% more than the average U.S. Web consumer---and 7.4% more than a Google searcher

Check out our video for a closer look at the Yahoo! Bing Network, including customer testimonials.