After a Death, Helping Children Heal

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Leslie Delp will tell you she has three children - two alive and one in heaven. A grief counselor, she developed a unique form of therapy to help others through the mourning process.

 In 2003, with the help of community volunteers, the first Olivia’s House opened, the non-profit that is a realization of Leslie’s vision to support children through times of loss.   

 Through dynamic therapy sessions including art therapy and equine therapy, Olivia’s House has helped more than 1400 children of all ages through the process of grieving - at no cost to families. 

 Emily and Shannon Francis attended Delp’s program after the suicide of their father.  Emily says, “there’s always going to be a hole in your heart…but it gets smaller and smaller.”

 “Most people think about death in a negative way… at Olivia’s house we embrace it. We think about death as an opportunity to think about life,“ says Delp.

  Leslie Delp operates Olivia’s House locations in York and Hanover, Pennsylvania.  Her dream is to have grief centers in communities throughout the country.