Real-Life Mermaid Swims With Sharks To Save Them

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Real-Life Mermaid Swims With Sharks To Save Them

We watched as one of the largest predators on the planet, the feared 16-foot tiger shark, bore down on Hannah Fraser. But for this real-life mermaid, it couldn’t come soon enough.

Locked in lead boots, with no air, 25 feet underwater, Fraser dove into the shark-infested waters of the Bahamas to do a performance protest against the worldwide killing of sharks that some believe could lead to their extinction.

We watched as she morphed into a mermaid sea goddess, and danced and pet dozens of sharks.

Frasers shark dance was made for a video urging shark conservation and an upcoming feature film called “Tears of a Mermaid.”

Her message: Humans have nothing to fear from these animals and that, indeed, they love affection and deserve our protection.