Real Money: How to Cut Costs at the Grocery Store

Beyond The Headline

Grocery shopping can really eat away at the family budget, but it doesn't have to. ABC’s Paula Faris is going to show you two quick ways to cut back on culinary costs without losing quality.

The first is a popular and free website called All you do is type in your grocery list and zip code and they’ll send you weekly coupons that match the items on your list. There's no more coupon clipping and scissors, you simply print out your coupon.

Then, how would you like to get paid for products you’re already buying? An app called “Ibotta” lets you do just that. You watch a video or answer a quick questionnaire, then scan your receipt and the money adds up fast.

Collectively we’re leaving over $400 billion dollars of unused coupons on the table every year. Hopefully, with these two tips you’ll start cleaning up on some of these deals and get in on the savings that are out there.