Speed Traps in America

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Speed Traps in America

We know, sometimes it can seem so unfair, you’re driving down the road and the speed limit says “55” but suddenly it’s “35” for a very short stretch, and there’s a police officer waiting under the sign writing tickets like there’s no tomorrow.

Along I-71 in Linndale, Ohio the speed drops to 60 for about 14 seconds on the highway and before a court stepped in last winter, the tiny town collected $800,000 a year.

Along I-10, in the middle of Cajun country, tickets from a speed limit change at the bottom of a bridge covered 80 percent of the budget for Henderson, Louisiana, more than two million dollars.
the police chief and deputy deny it, but they’re accused of paying officers kickbacks to write tickets .

But across the country, drivers are taking note reporting more than 78,000 speeds traps since 2000.

We know that speed kills. According to the federal government, nearly 10,000 Americans die every year in speed related accidents. Cedric Alexander, Dekalb, Georgia police chief said they certainly raise revenue here, but says they’re real goal is to slow everyone down.