Calgary’s Naheed Nenshi and Sun News’ Ezra Levant spar in epic Twitter battle

Andy Radia
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Twitter is great for us politcos.

It's a useful tool for politicians, journalists and the public alike to see what's brewing and to get a sense of public opinion.

One of the things I enjoy most about Twitter, however, is the Twitter fights between high profile individuals.

On Sunday morning we had a heavy weight battle between Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi and Sun News' Ezra Levant.

The impetus of the verbal barbs was a Levant article published in Sun News, on Saturday, titled "Calgary's Naheed Nenshi continues to abuse his city's taxpayers."

In the article, Levant reports that the City of Calgary — with the support of Nenshi — gave $340,000 to "an anti-oilsands lobby group called the Pembina Institute."

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It seems that Nenshi was the first engage Levant on Twitter:

Levant quickly fired back:

That was just the beginnig:

And then things got a little nasty:

The term "when did you stop beating your wife" is, of course, often used as a retort when one asks a loaded question with a false presumption.

Levant didn't like that.

Nenshi tried to defend himself:

But, alas, Levant wouldn't back down:

Eventually, Nenshi changed the subject and Levant kept going — or is still going. You can watch for yourself here.

Nevertheless, thank you to both Levant and Nenshi for keeping me entertained on an otherwise tranquil Sunday morning!

(Photo courtesy of Reuters)

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