Did Justin Trudeau talk about legalizing pot with elementary school students?

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Andy Radia
·Politics Reporter
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Another day, another attack against Liberal leader Justin Trudeau by the Harper Conservatives.

Some might argue, however, that Trudeau walked into this one.

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According to a series of tweets by the Brandon Sun newspaper editor, James O'Conner, Trudeau was speaking to Sioux Valley First Nation students on Wednesday night, when the topic of legalizing marijuana came up:

The Tories — obviously — jumped all over this story, sending out a fundraising email, late Thursday, signed by Justice Minister Peter MacKay.

Yesterday, Justin Trudeau took his reckless plan to legalize marijuana to a new audience: elementary school students. Trudeau visited the Sioux Valley First Nation school outside of Brandon, Manitoba.

While speaking to a gym full of children, he outlined his plans to legalize marijuana. His plan to make marijuana available like alcohol and cigarettes available is bad policy, but this crosses the line.

Promoting his plan to children is completely unacceptable and grossly inappropriate. He’s already sending children the message recreational drug use is okay. Now, he’s delivering that message directly to children. That’s wrong, on so many different levels.

We’re fighting four by-elections right now, including one in Brandon-Souris, where Trudeau made his irresponsible remarks.

We need your financial support so we can fight back against Trudeau and his allies in the media – who are still making excuses for his mistakes.

Following the Tory statement, O'Conner tweeted saying there were no children in the audience.

Cory Hann — the Conservative Party's director of communications —then accused O'Conner of changing his story.

Regardless of whether it was elementary students or older, should Justin Trudeau be talking about pot with school-aged kids? How would you feel if you were a parent of one of those students at the school?

Was the Liberal leader correct in answering the question or is this another Trudeau blunder?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

(Photo courtesy of the Canadian Press)

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