Burning Question: How Justin Bieber's Bust Could Get Him Deported

Leslie Gornstein

Q: Could Justin Bieber's latest bust get him deported?

First felony egg-tossing allegations, now Justin Bieber has been busted for a drug-fueled DUI. Is he getting dangerously close to deportation?
As we told you last week, deportation is definitely an option should things break bad against the Biebs.
For now, he hasn't been charged with anything related to the egg case, which is the more serious allegation and remains under investigation.

As for today's ill-fated Lambo run in Miami Beach, Justin is still only looking at a misdemeanor DUI count. But that could change, according to immigration attorney Jose Hernandez.
"The Miami police chief told reporters that Bieber made statements indicating that he had been smoking marijuana," which is, of course, a controlled substance, says Hernandez. "That could make him deportable.
"Oftentimes people are deported for just being under influence of controlled substances," Hernandez emphasizes.
It also doesn't matter what kind of visa Bieber has, Hernandez says, adding, "the fact that it's first offense will matter in the criminal arena, but might not matter in the immigration portion. What's more important is the severity of the offense."
That said, don't expect to see Bieber heading toward the Canadian border anytime soon.
"I would be surprised if removal proceedings were made against him based on this," Hernandez notes. "I can't think of one person who is an actor, an actress or an athlete who has been removed just on that basis."
(One interesting tidbit to file away: Simply admitting to using a controlled substance could mean that Bieber could be rendered inadmissible to return to the U.S. next time he leaves the country — that is, if the customs people are paying attention that day.)

Indeed, he and new neighbor Kourtney Kardashian can still plan that barbecue together as Bieber's residency isn't in immediate jeopardy, criminal defense attorney Darren Kavinoky tells "The Insider."
"The only way he gets deported is if he's convicted of an aggravated felony, one where he serves more than a year in state prison. Since he's charged with misdemeanors at this point [in Florida], that's not going to happen."
But! Those pesky egging allegations? Those are another story. If they trigger, say, a felony charge, the likelihood of deportation certainly rises.
And thanks to Bieber’s new DUI charge, prosecutors on the other side of the country are, in fact, more likely to file charges related to the alleged Calabasas attack.
"It might affect the prosecutor's decision on whether to file charges here," defense attorney Stanley L. Friedman says. "Prosecutors are imbued with a lot of discretion as to what to file, as long as they don’t prosecute based on racial, gender, or sexual preference."
If only they could prosecute based on hair violations …

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