Home Contractor Claims Sylvester Stallone Threatened to Kill Him, Abused Dog

Sylvester Stallone doesn't just rough people up on the big screen.

According to new court documents, the "Rocky" star physically assaulted and threatened to kill a contractor who worked on his Los Angeles home.

Mohamed Hadid, who often appears on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," was granted a temporary restraining order against the 66-year-old actor after he allegedly pushed Hadid in court on March 25. The two men are currently in a legal battle over construction work Hadid did on Stallone's home beginning in 2009, for which Stallone is suing for $1.4 million.

In the new legal documents filed by Hadid, whose ex-wife Yolanda Foster stars on the Bravo reality series, he claims that Stallone threatened him by saying, "I am going to kill you motherf**er," on March 25 after making physical contact with him in court.

But Hadid's other allegations prior to that incident are just as shocking. He claims that while working at Stallone's home, he witnessed the action star fly into fits of rage, including one instance when he grabbed his own dog by the neck and threw the animal through a door into his home. Hadid also says that Stallone once threatened to smash his head in with a baseball bat and, on another occasion, yelled at him to "Get these dirty Mexicans out of here or I'll blow your head off."

Stallone for his part, claims that Hadid, who is reportedly worth $100 million, performed shoddy work on his house and is an "unscrupulous, unlicensed predator."

As for the restraining order, Stallone's lawyer Marty Singer insists that it's only a last-ditch effort for Hadid to smear the actor's name before they go to trial to hash out the $1.4 million lawsuit. "This is a desperate attempt by a man who wants to be a media star."

A personal rep for Stallone did not immediately respond to omg!'s request for comment.

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