Ryan Gosling is the newest parent to get a tattoo in honour of his kid

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Ryan Gosling may now have a tattoo to match the children's book he got inked on the same arm.  The 34-year-old Ontario native was recently papped flashing the word "Esme" on his left knuckle, which may or may not refer to his new daughter Esmerelda and may or may not be permanent.

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If it is real, he wouldn't be the first celebrity to get inked in honour of his children. Here are some other famous stars who did it first:

Angelina Jolie

The more kids she adopts, the more ink she will acquire. Angelina Jolie has the coordinates of where each of her six kids were born tattooed on her left arm. The seventh coordinate? The birthplace of husband, Brad Pitt.

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Kanye West

Just last week, Kim Kardashian accompanied her husband to a tattoo parlour in the early morning hours where he got his daughter North's birthday (as well as his late mom's) tattooed on his wrist in Roman numerals.

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Back in 2013, Adele showed off a new capital A inked behind her right ear, which many believe to be a homage to her son, Angelo.

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Johnny Depp

He is one of the most inked actors in Hollywood so it's no surprise that he has more than one tattoo for his kids. Johnny Depp has his daughter Lily-Rose's name tattooed in rosebuds near his heart, while his son Jack's name appears near the tattoo of a bird. He also has a pair of connected hearts in honour of his kids.

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Susan Sarandon

In 2008, Susan Sarandon revealed she had just gotten her kids' initials -- E for Eva, J for Jack, M for Miles -- tattooed on her back. "It really hurt," she said. "It hurt so much more than I thought it would." 

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Robert Downey Jr.

RDJ has tats in honour of both his wife Susan, "Susie Q," and his son, Indio. He has another two kids, Exton and Avri, but no ink for them as yet as far as we know.

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