Facebook users dislike changes, according to poll

Hate the new Facebook design? You're apparently not alone.

Five times more Facebook users dislike Facebook's new look than like it, according to Poll Position--the polling operation run by former CNN news chief Eason Jordan.

In a telephone survey conducted Thursday, 44 percent of respondents said they dislike the design and functionality changes to the social network, while just 9 percent said they like the site's new look and features. About a quarter of the 492 users polled said they hadn't noticed the changes; 23 percent said they had no opinion.

Of the 60 Hispanic users polled, not one like the changes to Facebook--perhaps an anomaly, but nonetheless worth noting. (Also worth noting: 15 percent of Republicans polled "liked" the changes; just 4 percent of those identifying themselves as Democrats did.)

Just how could users "dislike" a design that hasn't launched yet?

Jordan told The Cutline that he believes most people were responding to the changes in user experience Facebook rolled out this week ahead of founder Mark Zuckerberg's big keynote at the f8 developers conference in San Francisco on Thursday. This means that Facebook weren't necessarily dissing the new site format--called Timeline--though there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that they will, once it comes online.

"I'm not upset about the Facebook redesign at all," Stephen Colbert joked on Twitter. "Mostly because I still use Friendster."

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