Ira Glass got drunk with Rachel Maddow, woke up smelling of vomit

Here's a story you probably won't hear on "This American Life."

Ira Glass, the host of the popular public radio show, was comedian Marc Maron's guest on Monday at the Bell House in Brooklyn for a live taping of "WTF," Maron's free-form interview show/podcast.

Glass recounted an appearance he made at a comedy festival on Saturday hosted by another comedian, Eugene Mirman, at the same Brooklyn venue.

The ticketed event, called "The Drunk Show," was co-produced by Glass' wife and featured Mirman, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow, and John Hodgman of "The Daily Show," among others.

"It was a bunch of us on stage," Glass told Maron. "And basically the gig was you were supposed to get progressively drunk over the course of the show. There were a bunch of funny games and things. I remember the first 15 minutes of the show."

"You blacked out?" Maron asked.

Glass nodded: "Which I literally have never done. I remember the first 15 minutes in detail, Rachel Maddow, John Hodgman. I remember what they said, I remember what I said. I remember someone made a speech about the '12 Steps.' And then I remember nothing else. And I woke up the next morning in my clothes smelling of vomit."

Later, an audience member told Glass that he organized a human pyramid composed of himself, Maddow and Hodgman.

You can watch part of Glass' recollection below:

(Video via Gotcha Media)

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