Libya coverage turns CNN’s Sara Sidner into a star

During the news coverage of Libya over the weekend, women took center stage. As the Huffington Post's Jack Mirkinson noted on Monday, three of the top networks providing coverage--Sky News, Al Jazeera, and CNN--all had female correspondents on the ground offering "intense, riveting accounts."

CNN's Sara Sidner has become something of a celebrity in journalism circles. On Wednesday, the Daily Beast published a profile of Sidner, calling her the "the hottest broadcast star on the globe." Lois Romano interviewed Sidner, who was still on the ground in Tripoli. "It's such an historic moment. The city is very much under the control of the rebels; the city is so clearly in the rebels' hands that you're focused on telling the story in a very difficult situation. My mother is not happy about that," Sidner told Romano.

Sidner has been working in broadcast journalism for 15 years, Romano reports, and is based in New Delhi.

You can watch a video of Sidner reporting on Aug. 23 amid celebratory gunfire below. "I can feel the ground shaking there is so much gunfire," she says at one point.

Sidner has continued her reporting from Tripoli, filing a piece today for CNN in which she takes viewers into a network of tunnels controlled by Moammar Gadahfi under Tripoli. She describes the tunnels as "almost an entire city." At one point the guards become spooked, but Sidner continues on her tour, seemingly unfazed.

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