Mitt Romney: ‘I’m hoping to become president, not a talk show host’

Dylan Stableford
The Cutline

"I'm hoping to become President of the United States, not a talk show host."

-- Mitt Romney, taking a swipe at former (and perhaps current) Republican presidential candidates in an interview on Fox News' "Fox & Friends" on Wednesday.

Mike Huckabee, who ran for the Republican nomination in 2008, became a syndicated talk radio host and Fox News host after dropping out of the race. Sarah Palin, the party's 2008 vice presidential candidate, was hired by Fox News chief Roger Ailes as a paid contributor for the network following the 2008 election. And Herman Cain, whose 2012 bid was throttled by allegations of sexual harassment, has been appearing on Fox News as a regular guest, and network executives have expressed interest in hiring Cain.

Rommey's remark was in response to criticism by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who said he wished Romney would be "edgier and bolder."

"I'm not willing to be a bomb thrower," Romney said, "or go over the top and say outlandish things or incendiary things simply for the purpose of getting people excited."

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