Nancy Gibbs, author of the most cover stories in Time’s history, named deputy managing editor

Dylan Stableford
The Cutline

Here's one media promotion worth noting: Nancy Gibbs, Time executive editor and writer of the most cover stories in the publication's history--including its Sept. 14, 2001 issue--has been named deputy managing editor at the magazine.

Below, the internal memo from Time Inc. editor-in-chief John Huey:

------ Forwarded Message
From: John Huey [email redacted]
Date: Wed, 7 Sep 2011 16:32:13 -0400
Subject: Staff Announcement

September 7, 2011

To: Time Inc. Employees
From: John Huey and Richard Stengel
Re: Staff Announcement

On the recommendation of Rick Stengel, I am very pleased to announce that Nancy Gibbs is the new deputy managing editor of TIME. Nancy, as I've often noted, is the very embodiment of the TIME brand, and her work has long set the journalistic standard for its writing, its ethics, and its ability to connect with TIME readers around the world. This new role will take advantage of all her many skills. But I will defer to Rick to tell the story in more detail:

Well, when it comes to Nancy, you already know the historic stuff: most covers written — among them four presidential election nights, Columbine, Katrina, the great original 9/11 cover (and a wonderful essay in this 9/11 + 10 issue) — a record that will never be broken. But what you don't know is how Nancy has applied some of those same cover-writing skills to her work as a manager: she has brought great creativity to dealing with the business side, she has excelled at planning stories and covers many months in advance, and she has been a perfect mentor to writers and editors. Nancy Gibbs becoming deputy managing editor is also evidence that there is no one path at TIME. I think if you had said to her even three years ago, "How would you like to become a top editor?" she would have laughed. (I know, because I did, and she laughed.) But I think she would say that she has enjoyed it far more than she expected, and I would guess that she has enjoyed it in part because she loves TIME so much that she relishes having an even greater role in influencing it. And for that I am very grateful. As we all should be.

Please join Rick and me in congratulating Nancy and wishing her the best in this important new role.

J.H.   R.S.