Piers Morgan on fake Iraq War photos that got him fired: ‘It was a moral duty’

Back in 2004, Piers Morgan was axed as editor-in-chief of the Daily Mirror, a British tabloid, for publishing photos of British soldiers who appeared to be abusing an Iraqi prisoner. They turned out to be fake.

In the clip below, the soon-to-be CNN prime time host defends his decision to publish the controversial images. "We made every check we could, we gave them to the Ministry of Defense, they had a whole day to verify them," he says. "My brother was in Basra at the time fighting in the British army and he said it was no secret at all what was going on with the Queen's Lancashire Regiment."

Morgan also says he feels "vindicated" and that he has no regrets: "I feel like it was a moral duty ... Sometimes you have to make a stand as an editor."