Why George Clooney doesn’t tweet

"I don't use Twitter because I tend to drink in the evening, and I don't want anything that I could possibly write at midnight to actually end my career. 'You can kiss my ass.' All spelled wrong."

-- George Clooney on his reluctance to use social media, during a discussion with Time magazine editor Rick Stengel at the Time-Life Building in New York on Wednesday. The event was billed as a live version of the magazine's "10 Questions." Clooney, who is in town to promote the "Ides of March," his upcoming political thriller, also assessed the state of the news media: "When I was growing up you had three networks, and you basically got the same version of the news from each. Then from there, depending on your political and social views, you would make decisions. Now people go to whatever best represents their beliefs; so I believe people are starting from a different fact base, which I believe polarizes us farther and farther apart."

The actor, whose activism has led some to believe he may enter politics, scoffed at a run for public office. "I like my job much, much more," Clooney said. "Plus, the White House would be a downgrade [from my house]." CNN's David Gergen can attest to that last part.

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