Wounded journalists in Syria: Paul Conroy rescued, but Edith Bouvier’s evacuation is unconfirmed

Paul Conroy, a freelance photographer wounded in the attack that killed Times war reporter Marie Colvin and French photographer Rémi Ochlik in Homs, Syria, has been rescued.

"The Sunday Times can confirm that the photographer Paul Conroy is safe and in Lebanon," a spokesman for the paper said Tuesday. "He is in good shape and good spirits."

But it is unclear whether Edith Bouvier, a French journalist who suffered a broken leg in the Feb. 22 attack, made it out of Homs.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy initially told reporters that Bouvier had been successfully evacuated, but later retracted the statement. According to a report by CNN, Bouvier and several other journalists had refused to leave Homs without assurance from the Syrian government that their photographs and video recordings would not be confiscated. And Le Figaro, the French newspaper where Bouvier works, has not confirmed her rescue.

According to the Guardian, Conroy's rescue took 26 hours, and at least three activists assisting in the evacuation were killed.

Following the attack last week, Bouvier and Conroy posted a pair of YouTube videos, pleading for help from their government. Conroy said they had been injured in the "rocket attack" that killed Colvin and Ochlik, and were being treated by a local medical team. He added that they were not being held captive, but that Bouvier, in particular, was in need of extensive medical attention.

The bodies of Colvin and Ochlik remain unaccounted for.

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