Waitress gets $200k tip from customer: scam or just generous?

Courtesy of Reddit (Reddit)

A Reddit user who identified herself as a server at a St. Louis restaurant posted a receipt this week showing a $200,000 tip from a customer — but she said the payout will never land in her wallet.

In a post linking to a photo of the receipt, the user described how two sisters in their mid-twenties arrived at the restaurant during the lunch shift and ordered a generous amount of food and drinks. One of the women told the server she would be paying for her sister and another man who joined them afterward, according to the post.

Throughout the meal the sister that was treating the other one would flag me down and talk with me and kept saying things like “Don’t tell my sister how I tip.” “Today I’m your guardian angel.”

After the "guardian angel" paid the bill with a Visa card, signed and left, the server said she looked at the receipt and found $200,000 written onto the tip line for a bill that totalled $111.54.

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The shocked server wrote she called management, who called Visa, and staff discovered the credit card company declines tips deemed "excessive," therefore she would never see that hefty tip materialize.

Furthermore, several commenters on Reddit suggested the enormous tip could be a scam — an attempt to write an impossible amount that Visa would reject and eat a free meal as a result.

Strangely, the customer's math on the bill is also incorrect. She totalled the tip and total at $211,000.54, nearly $11,000 more than the listed amounts.