Does Gum Stay In Your System For 7 Years?

ABC News Healthbusters

We’ve all heard it before: “Don’t swallow your gum! It’ll stay in your system for seven years!” Not to burst anyone’s bubble, but that statement is full of hot air.

When swallowed, gum is processed and excreted just like anything else you eat.

Dr. Anthony Watkins, transplant surgeon at NY-Presbyterian Hospital, chews on the matter: “Lo and behold if we swallow the gum, it will be subjected to the same course that regular food is subjected to.”

Gum does contain gum base which is not easily absorbed by the body, but anyone who says it will set up shop for longer than a couple days is handing you a pack of lies.

Dr. Watkins says that typically within 48 hours after swallowing the gum, any part of it left intact by your digestive system will simply be passed through your body, leaving nothing to gum up the works.