How to Get Into College

Katie Couric
Global Anchor
Katie's Take

Katie's Take

As any parent of a high school senior knows, 'tis the season for college applications.  I went through the process once with Ellie and will again next year with Carrie.  Time flies!

Turns out college admissions are more competitive than ever.  A million more students are applying compared to 20 years ago, and it can truly be a source of anxiety for kids and parents, alike.

So, to help you breathe easier, I spoke to Janet Lavin Rapelye, the Dean of Admissions at Princeton University, about how to pick the right school and get closer to the goal of a coveted acceptance letter from your top choice.

Now, not everyone will get into Princeton.  In fact, 92% of applicants don't.  But no matter where you apply or where you hope to go, academic excellence, intellectual curiosity and a nice mix of extracurricular activities are the recipe.

PS, proofread your application!  Dean Rapelye says some applications get rejected because spelling or typing errors turn off admissions reps.

Finally, we spoke about the skyrocketing costs of secondary education.  She says you shouldn't let tuition and fees deter you from your dream, because financial aid is available and many schools have packages that make the costs more manageable.

Good luck!