Grace Hightower De Niro Talks About Meeting Husband Robert

Stefan Doyno
Katie's Take
Grace Hightower De Niro Talks About Meeting Husband Robert

Grace Hightower De Niro, wife of Robert, or Bobby as some may say, stopped by to talk about her marriage – and how she met the award-winning actor.

“What is your secret to a happy, long lasting marriage?” Katie asked.

“I would say a lot of give and take, standing your ground, because then you keep the respect you started out with,” Grace said.

The pair have been together for 21 years – and their story is right out of a movie. Grace says she was working as a hostess at Mr. Chow restaurant when her soon-to-be husband walked in.

“I didn’t know who he was,” Grace said.

“Really?” Katie asked.

“Really,” she replied.

Long story short – Robert kept asking Grace questions – about the tables, about the menu …

“This guy is really annoying you,” Katie noted.

Grace agreed.

She went downstairs to talk to her co-worker about the difficult client – and it wasn’t until then she learned who he was – and the error she had made by brushing him off.

“Michael Chow said, ‘There is only one person who has not come into the restaurant that I want you to roll the red carpet out for,’” Grace noted, “So that’s how we met.”

The pair have had two children since, one of which is a toddler.

“Is it hard? It is a lot of work to have a toddler at that age,” Katie mentioned.

“Yes.” Grace said, “But it’s a lot of joy too.”