Sandy Hook Hero Teaches Kindness

Stefan Doyno
Katie's Take

It’s been almost one year since the horrific events that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary, and Katie spoke with teacher Kaitlin Roig-Debellis – who hid with her 15 students and ultimately saved their lives that day. Kaitlin was an honoree at Glamour Magazine’s Women of the Year event.

“How did you have the presence of mind to usher your kids to safety that horrible day?” Katie asked.

“I did what anyone would have done,” Kaitlin said, “I wanted us to survive, and so for me the choice was we needed to hide.”

Kaitlin decided to use the outpouring and support from outside the community to help her kids in a unique way.

“I brought a box in front of them one day and I said ‘These are things for us to use at recess.’ Why did somebody do this?”

The kids understood that others wanted them to be happy – and so Kaitlin and her students used that idea to pay it forward.

“Because of the things that had been sent to our school, we were able find a class and send them something that they could use in their classrooms,” she said, “And that was the spring board for the launch of Classes 4 Classes.”

Classes for Classes launched three weeks ago and is already in 10 classrooms in the United States.

You can create a project page and sponsor a classroom in need at