Time-Saving Tips to Make the Most of Your Day

Samara Mackereth
Katie's Take

Katie's Take

If you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day, you are not alone. But there may be time slipping through your fingers that you can get back each day. All you need is a little organization.

On average, people waste around 40% of their workday due to poor organization. To help you reclaim some of your precious time, Katie Couric spoke with productivity expert Julie Morgenstern who shared her own life preparation kit filled with the tricks of the organization trade. Julie has been dubbed the "queen of putting people's lives in order" by USA Today and is a New York Times bestselling author of five books including Time Management from the Inside Out.

According to Morgenstern, the key to time management is planning. For each hour of planning, you can save up to four hours. But in order to successfully utilize your time, you need to know your energy cycles. Knowing when you are most productive, how you energize yourself and where your concentration threshold falls are all essential components in creating an efficiency plan that is best suited for you.

In order to execute your mounting to-dos, you have to prioritize a healthy lifestyle. Morgenstern stresses the importance of sleep, exercise, and eating right. While skipping a meal or skimming on a good night’s sleep can seem like a time saver, the effects of low energy and lack of concentration are productivity killers. Stress often deters people from taking the time to exercise but studies show that people who exercise before work or during lunch are 80% more productive.

One of the most important secrets to saving time is to learn how to use the magic word: “NO.” If you don’t have time, don’t fool yourself into thinking that you do. Being a people pleaser can get you bogged down with extra tasks and unnecessary stress, know the boundaries of your schedule and stick to them.

Using these simple tips can help you accumulate extra hours each week to do what you enjoy; whether it be pursuing a hobby, spending time with family and friends or taking the time to relax. Having time for yourself can lead to a healthier and more fulfilled life, so add ‘make a to-do’ list to your to-do list. Happy planning!