Roger Daltrey unbuttons shirt during 12/12/12 concert, titillating Twitter

Dylan Stableford
The Lookout

For the first few hours, the marathon 12-12-12: The Concert for Sandy Relief all-star benefit at Madison Square Garden in New York featured plenty of great performances (Bruce Springsteen, Roger Waters, Eddie Vedder and Eric Clapton) but virtually none of the awkward moments that seem to crop up during big live events. Then Roger Daltrey unbuttoned his shirt.

The Who frontman's startlingly tan, toned, hairless torso dominated Twitter during the British rock band's generous (read: a bit too long) set.

"Daltrey now down a jacket, shirt flung open, suspicious muscles glistening," Heidi Moore wrote on Twitter.

"Can I carve my initials into Roger Daltrey's chest?" Kathleen Schmidt tweeted.

"Hulk Hogan thinks Roger Daltrey should button up," Twitter user‏ @fangsbites wrote.

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"From the looks of the old British rockers," actor Thomas Lennon tweeted, "NYC's yoga studios must be JAMMED this week."

"Roger," Jack Fagan tweeted, "even the Red Hot Chili Peppers wear shirts now."

"I would like to donate to the relief fund and donate a turtleneck sweater to Roger Daltrey," Paul Pabst joked.

"Daltrey just buttoned up his shirt," Ritch Duncan reported. "My guess is he caught a glimpse of the live Twitter feed above the stage."

Later in the show, rapper Kanye West, who has a history of hijacking live broadcasts, didn't say anything embarrassing—but his clothes made up for it. 

"Is Kanye wearing a kilt?" more than a few Twitter users asked.

"Before the show, Kanye fought a 14-year-old goth girl over the last XL leather skirt & jeggings at the Hot Topics clearance rack," Rachel Wescott tweeted.

"Concert officials have announced plans for a new benefit for the victims of the @kanyewest performance," Jared Lyons joked.

"Kanye would [look] less ridiculous in this @JerrySeinfeld outfit," @The7Line tweeted, linking to a screengrab from "The Puffy Shirt" episode.

At nearly six hours, the concert's length provided joke fodder for Twitter users—at least those that managed to stay awake.

"This concert has now lasted longer than the actual storm," Sherry Ross wrote on Twitter.

"I've been to Warped Tours that ran shorter than this thing," Scott Heisel tweeted.

He wasn't joking.