Airport runways become parking lots for cars damaged by Sandy

Mike Krumboltz
The Lookout

Calverton Airport in Riverhead, N.Y., has turned its runways into parking lots—for cars. The Long Island airport rented out runways to Insurance Auto Auctions Corp., a company seeking to temporarily store vehicles damaged by superstorm Sandy.

All told, around 15,000 cars and trucks are chilling on the small airport's runways. The cars, which were damaged but not totaled, are being auctioned off, according to report by CBS New York.

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Some environmentalists are saying the cars could do permanent damage: The runways sit atop a reservoir that supplies the town with its drinking water and there is concern that the damaged vehicles may leak gas or other hazardous liquids.

Still, the runway rental has been a boon to the town of Riverhead, which owns the airport. The auction company is forking over around $3,200 per month for every acre of space used. According to a report from Fox News, the town will pocket about $2.7 million.

Not too shabby, especially considering the airport is closed for the winter anyway. Let's just hope nobody needs the runways for an emergency landing anytime soon.