Charlie Sheen to Chris Dorner, ex-LAPD officer-turned-accused cop killer: ‘Call me’

Dylan Stableford
The Lookout

As the manhunt widens for Christopher Dorner, the former naval and LAPD officer-turned-triple-murder suspect, actor Charlie Sheen--who was mentioned in Dorner's online manifesto--released a video on Saturday pleading with the accused killer to call him.

"You mentioned me in your manifesto, so thank you for your kind words," Sheen said in the brief video posted to "I am urging you to call me. Let's figure out together how to end this thing."

In the manifesto posted to his Facebook page, Dorner promised "unconventional and asymmetrical warfare" against the LAPD, which fired him in 2008. He also praised a number of celebrities, including Larry David, Bill Cosby, Jon Stewart, Kate Winslet, Ellen Degeneres, Anthony Bourdain, Michelle Obama and the former "Two and a Half Men" star. "Charlie Sheen, you’re effin awesome," Dorner wrote.

Sheen was dismissed from the CBS sitcom in 2011 after posting online rants attacking the show's creator.

Earlier this month, CNN's Anderson Cooper received a package that appears to have been sent by Dorner. In it was a hand-labeled DVD accompanied by a yellow Post-It note that read, in part, "I never lied."

Meanwhile, Los Angeles police said on Saturday they would re-examine Dorner's firing, though not "to appease a murderer," LAPD chief Charlie Beck said. "I do it to reassure the public that their police department is transparent and fair in all the things we do."

More from Reuters:

Beck called on the former officer Christopher Dorner, 33, to turn himself in and tell his side of the story. Dorner was dismissed after officials found he had made false statements accusing another officer of using excessive force.

One of the three people Dorner is accused of killing this week is the 28-year-old daughter of a retired police captain who represented him in a disciplinary action that led to his firing. He is also wanted for the killing of the young woman's fiance and an officer from the town of Riverside.

The manhunt continues for Dorner, whose burned out pickup truck was discovered last week in Big Bear Lake, a ski resort in the San Bernardino Mountains about 80 miles northeast of Los Angeles. After a door-to-door search, police believe Dorner may have slipped away.

The U.S. Border Patrol says it has stepped up security, screening vehicles to prevent Dorner from fleeing the country into Tijuana.