Cop arrested on suspicion of firebombing police captain’s house

Cop arrested on suspicion of firebombing police captain’s house
·Claudine Zap

A police officer from Edison, N. J., was arrested Thursday on five counts of attempted murder and one count of aggravated arson in connection with the firebombing of another officer's house, reports.

Michael A. Dotro was taken into custody after a massive search, and he has been suspended from the force with pay. Bail was set at $5 million.

Edison Police Department Capt. Mark Anderko’s house was set on fire Monday morning while Anderko was inside with his wife, two young children and 92-year-old mother. The house was damaged, but nobody was injured.

Police believe Dotro either used a Molotov cocktail or detonated a gas can outside the home to set the fire.

The allegations shocked Dotro’s lawyer, Lawrence Bitterman. “I find it utterly incomprehensible to believe that Mike ... could ever be involved in anything like this,” Bitterman told

“I’ve spoken to him, and he adamantly denies any involvement and expresses his condolences to the Anderko family. He is sickened at the thought of someone doing this to a brother officer, or anyone else, for that matter,” he added.

The 10-year member of the force has had a history of disciplinary problems, according to

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