DNA tests reveal man wrongly ID’d as kidnapped baby from 1964

DNA tests reveal man wrongly ID’d as kidnapped baby from 1964

Paul Fronczak is having an identity crisis.

The Nevada man, who back in 1964 was determined to be the kidnapped baby of Chester and Dora Fronczak, has learned he’s not, in fact, their biological son, according to a CBS2 New York report.

The story is this: In 1964, at the now-demolished Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago, the Fronczaks welcomed their newborn, Paul Joseph Fronczak. Hours after the birth, a woman dressed as a nurse said the doctor needed to see the baby—and walked out with him.

A manhunt ensued. After two-and-a-half years, a baby who had been abandoned on a New Jersey street corner and was in an orphanage was determined to have baby Paul’s ears. That baby, named Scott McKinley, was given to the Fronczak family, who, due to a lack of positive identity, had to adopt him.

“The FBI decided that because my ears matched the Fronczak baby, that I was probably the Fronczak baby,” Paul said.

Fronczak, who is now married and lives in Henderson, Nev., began to wonder why he didn’t look like his parents. “I don’t know why, but it really started consuming my thoughts, like, ‘Who am I?’” he told CBS2.

He had DNA testing done, and the results showed that he was not the baby kidnapped in Chicago some 50 years ago.

He has begun a search for his biological parents.

The Fronczaks “will always be my parents. Great people. Raised me the way I am today,” Fronczak said of his adoptive parents.

He added, “It would be really cool if we actually found the real kidnapped baby. It would be nice to have a happy ending for once."