Florida authorities seize giant Lego man from beach

Liz Goodwin
The Lookout

A 100-lb Lego man washed up onto the beach at Siesta Key, Fla., this week, baffling local residents.

Jeff Hindman told the blog Boing Boing that he snapped this photo of the fiberglass statue when he discovered it on the beach.

Curiously, this is not the only reported instance of a giant beached Lego figure on record. In 2007, a similar statue washed ashore in Holland, and a year later another one surfaced in Brighton, England. The statue is called "Ego Leonard," and his shirt reads "No real than you are." The statues are believed to be the work of Ego Leonard, who is described by one Lego fan website as an "enigmatic Dutch painter." It is perhaps worth noting that when one inverts the order of this character's name, employing just the first letter of the last name, he becomes a bit less enigmatic, since he then shares the name of the European manufacturer of the brightly colored interlocking plastic toys.

Sarasota County deputies took away the 8-foot Lego man and will hold on to it for 30 days. If no one claims the statue, they'll give it back to Hindman, who told the Sarasota Herald Tribune that he'll put it on E-bay.

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